McCaskill Jay

Director of Operations
Phone: 405.390.5321

McCully Bill

Treasurer / Comptroller
Business Office
Phone: 405.390.5368

Ogden Todd

Service Careers Instructor
Fulltime Programs
Phone: 405.390.5320

Olson Melisa

Adjunct Instructor
Fire & EMS Training
Phone: 405.390.5336

Pack Deborah

Child Development Center Teacher
Child Develop Center
Phone: 405.390.3743

Peterson Russell

Food Services Manager
Food Services
Phone: 405.390.6602

Prior Janie

Financial Aid Coordinator / Registrar
Student Services
Phone: 405.390.5344

Robertson Dana

Fire & EMS Training Administrative Assistant
Fire & EMS Training
Phone: 405.390.5315

Rogers Nate

Adjunct Instructor
Fire & EMS Training
Phone: 405.390.6668

Self Shandelle

Accounts Receivable / Bursar
Business Office
Phone: 405.390.6641

Simmons Tim

Emergency Services Instructor
Fulltime Programs
Phone: 405.390.5317

Smedley Justin

Director of Business and Industry Services
Phone: 405.390.6606

Smith Trent

Small Business Management Coordinator
Business & Industry Services
Phone: 405.390.5345

Smith Zac

Automotive Collision Repair Instructor
Fulltime Programs
Phone: 405.390.5367

Spencer Tracie

Business & Accounting Instructor
Fulltime Programs
Phone: 405.390.5346