We believe in the self worth, dignity, and uniqueness of every individual. We strive to help students reach their fullest potential by providing students with testing, assessment and interpretation, and career guidance prior to their entry into a career program.

Based upon assessment and identified needs, we provide enhanced basic and advanced skill building opportunity. We are here to prepare you to succeed in the workplace. Come visit our counselors and discuss your future today. They will provide you with financial aid information, career counseling, job placement opportunities, child care information and, most importantly, answers.

For information about Student Services, contact one of our student services counselors or call 405-390-9591.


Emily Gideon
Director of Educational Services

Amanda Haynie
Career Resource Center Specialist

Charis Davenport
Math Instructor

Trisha Christensen
Student Advisor - Adult Student Coordinator

Janie Prior
Financial Aid Coordinator / Registrar

Vickey Davies
Transition Specialist

Kim Gunn 
Student Advisor - Special Needs Student Coordinator

Katie Waibel 
Administrative Assistant

DeGe Eubanks