Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center (EOCTC) in Choctaw, Oklahoma prides itself in growing and training the future workforce. At the heart of EOCTC, is a desire to spread awareness of career possibilities and provide students with hands-on training. 

In an effort to inspire career exploration at a younger age, EOCTC acquired and transformed a 2003, 71 passenger bus into a mobile makerspace and career awareness center. What started as the brain child of District Superintendent Dr. Terry Underwood and what started as a crazy idea is now a reality! Through a grant from the Oklahoma Department of CareerTech, EOCTC was able to acquire an old bus and give it an unforgettable paint job. The concept was not to send off a bus to a fancy company to put it together but to provide a learning experience for EOCTC students. Students from several programs had their hands on this project. Graphic Arts students created and installed the vinyl wrap graphics while Electrical Trades students wired it for power and hooked it up to a generator purchased with support of OG&E. Students from other areas are helping to develop curriculum to support the activities and to field test any ideas before implementation.

With a goal of educating the future workforce, EOCTC is working with students of all ages and generating activities that even their parents can be involved in. The bus will make the rounds of area schools, tailgate at high school football games, attend community events and set up classes in local communities. Contact us today about how we can be involved in your upcoming event or school.

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