Attaining a college degree is a common goal among students and their parents. However, both groups commonly, but inaccurately, believe that students can not attend EOC Tech and go to college. Not only can a student attend both, but in many career fields students should consider both.

Career and Technical education prepares students for jobs. This is a tremendous advantage for the college-bound student. College can be expensive and out of reach for some students and parents. Those with technical training can get higher paying jobs that will make a college education possible. Also, if students select vocational programs that are part of their total educational package, they will be more employable upon graduation.

EOC Tech students can earn college credit while also earning credits toward high school graduation. This is a great benefit to students because they not only earn college credit but also gain valuable, marketable skills. Depending upon the program enrolled in, a student can receive between three (3) and thirty-six (36) hours of credit hours toward an Associate degree.

For additional information about college credit, contact one of our Student Services Advisors or call 390-9591.

Emily GideonDirector of Educational Services
Trisha ChristensenStudent Advisor – Adult Students Coordinator
Kim GunnStudent Advisor – Special Needs Student Coordinator