Tuition Fees for the Eastern Oklahoma County Tech Child Development Center are available by contacting the Center Director. Fees must be paid in advance. Fees may be paid in cash; by check or money order payable to EOC Tech Center or by Visa or Master Charge. The fee is due on Monday of each week. A one time non-refundable fee is required for enrollment and/or to be placed on the waiting list. Supply fees will be due in September and in February.

Late Fees
If fees are not paid by close of business Tuesday there will be a late fee charged. If fees are not paid by Friday, and if there is another child on the waiting list for this class; enrollment is terminated, and the slot will be filled with the next waiting applicant. As a nonprofit center, we cannot afford to provide a quality program if payments are delinquent.

Returned Check Fees
A charge will be applied if a returned check is received. If we receive a second returned check, a cash payment will be required on all future transactions.

Refund Information
In the event that a family terminates (after giving their two week’s notice) with a credit balance in their account, the person responsible for the account may make a written request for a refund at the time of termination or within six weeks of termination. After six weeks there will be no opportunity for a refund.

“Summer Out”
If you opt to take “summer out”, you must pay two weeks’ non-refundable tuition in advance of services to reserve your space for the fall semester. If your child does not return to the CDC in the fall, your tuition will not be refunded. This fee is due the last day of your child’s attendance in May. This simply covers the two weeks notice of termination. If the child does return, this fee is used toward the first two weeks of attendance.

When you contract with us for care, we secure staff, meals, etc., for your child for these contracted days. Therefore, if you choose to keep your child out for any period of time, you are responsible for those fees. There is no reduced rate for children who are out several days with a mild illness.

If your child will not be coming on a particular day, call and let us know by 9:00 a.m. This enables us to plan accordingly.

If a child is ill and absent for seven consecutive calendar days, and the Director or Coordinator is notified at the onset of illness, fees may be waived provided a doctor’s statement is obtained. This policy is reserved for situations that pertain to health matters requiring hospitalization or for isolation during contagious period of normal childhood illnesses as prescribed by the Good Health Handbook.

If a child is absent for one full week, and neither the Director nor Program Coordinator are notified, the child may be dropped from enrollment if there is another child on the waiting list for this particular class.

Vacation and Holiday Credit
No fee is charged for scheduled legal holidays listed in our tentative schedule provided you. Days the Tech closes for bad weather are also no fee days. You will not be charged for Fall Break, Christmas Break, Spring Break or the one week the Center is closed for summer vacation. Should you plan any additional vacation time, it will be a fee week. A tentative schedule will be provided at the beginning of each school year.