Business Development

Small Business Management (SBM)

The Small Business Management program at EOC Technology Center brings benefits of improved business management to entrepreneurs and aspiring owners.

Research proves, most small businesses fail within the first 10 years. We have found most successful small business owners have a plan, then build a network around them and learn from others. Learning from those who went before them, both successes and failures, is the best way to improve your chances of success. Companies that plan grow 30% faster  than those that don't.

One of our goals is to help small business owners gain access to mentors who will help guide them through the process of growing their company because growing businesses invest in our local economy and create jobs.


"Finding mentors can help minimize mistakes with your time and money," Jeff Ragan of KiZE Concepts.


Business coaching provides:

Experience: We will provide leadership to assist in moving your business forward.

Objective perspective: We offer you a perspective outside of your existing network that will guide you through your growth.

Guidance: We help you create a plan for your business, implement that plan and adjust it according to your specific needs.


The main purpose of the program is to assist business owners and managers in achieving their goals through the following improvements:

  • Increase Sales

  • Marketing and Branding Strategies

  • Building a Customer Profile

  • Google and Facebook Marketing

  • Healthy Business Evaluations

  • Create a Strategic Business Plan

  • Appropriate Goal Setting

  • Hire and Motivate the Right Employees

  • Team Building

  • Organizational Structure and Processes

  • Quickbooks Training

  • Build a Sustainable Work-Life Balance

  • Prepare for Loan Applications

  • Planning for Retirement

  • Support for Women-Owned Businesses

  • Succession Plans for Family-Owned Businesses


Business Development & 
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