Ellefson Millisa

Director of Community Outreach and Communications
Phone: 405.390.5326

Farmer Julie

Bid Assistance Coordinator
Phone: 405.390.5335

Foresee Jeff

Service Careers Instructor
Fulltime Programs
Phone: 405.390.5310

Franks Kasey

REACH Coordinator
Community Outreach and Communications
Phone: 405.390.1104

Gerry Justin

EXPLORE Coordinator
Community Outreach and Communications
Phone: 405.390.5365

Giddens Shelley

ADC Administrative Assistant
Adult Day Center
Phone: 405.390.4400

Gideon Emily

Director of Educational Services
Phone: 405.390.5304

Grace Pam

Food Services Staff
Food Services
Phone: 405.390.5354

Graves Michael

IT Division Director
Information Technology
Phone: 405.390.5356

Gunn Kim

Student Advisor
Student Services
Phone: 405.390.5354

Haynie Amanda

Career Resource Specialist
Career Resource Center
Phone: 405.390.5341

Helling Chris

Director of Instruction
Phone: 405.390.5309

Hill Kade

REACH / IT Assistant
Community Outreach and Communications
Phone: 405.390.5322

Hlavaty Ben

Digital Media Instructor
Fulltime Programs
Phone: 405.390.9593

Hodge Kelly

Accounts Receivable / HR- Payroll
Business Office
Phone: 405.390.6641