Yukio Okumura ( ?? ??  Okumura Yukio ) is actually Rin’s younger, fraternal twin-brother

Yukio Okumura ( ?? ??  Okumura Yukio ) is actually Rin’s younger, fraternal twin-brother

A much arrow and type-hearted by nature, they are brand new youngest person to ever citation the fresh Exorcist degree examination, achieving a beneficial Meister inside the Doc and you may Dragoon, and soon after becomes an instructor from the Correct Cross Academy, where he ironically turns out practise their older cousin in the method of the new Exorcist.

Physical appearance

Yukio features teal eyes and dark brown tresses. Their most remarkable characteristic is a couple moles around his left vision plus one you to definitely below his throat.

From the app incontri per wicca comic strip, Yukio is visible with a strange black colored mark-on underneath off their left sleeve that is now just starting to spread during the his human body. This may possess something to manage along with his brand new birthright since Satan’s child together with Demonic vitality he had been supposed to has distributed to Rin, due to the fact Yukio are shown undertaking their day-after-day assessment therefore answered, however the draw is never ever completely told me regarding comic strip (regardless of if Shura appeared to be concerned from the eyes of it).

Regarding the comic strip, due to the fact waking their Demonic efforts in event twenty two, Yukio now and contains an equivalent Demonic enjoys since their cousin, Rin, while in the peoples means (age.grams. this new a bit pointed ears and better canines). While in their Devil mode, he also possess a bluish flames, elf-including ears, and you may fangs.


Although they is actually twins, Yukio is oftentimes noted is the contrary of Rin, and you can Ryuji even states he discovers it tough to believe that they’re relevant. (more…)

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