Carson Adams, a Senior at Choctaw High School and second year STEM student at Eastern Oklahoma County Technology  Center will be attending Oklahoma State University beginning in the Fall of 2019 after receiving the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology, (CEAT) Scholarship.

The CEAT Scholars Program at OSU usually has about 180 applicants. Out of those 180, 100 future OSU students are selected.

According to, to be invited to CEAT Scholars Interview Day, students must meet the minimum qualifications of scoring a 31 on their ACT, 1390 on their SAT or have a GPA of 3.75. Adams just recently found out that he scored a 34 on his ACT.

“I’ve probably taken the ACT about 9 times and I’ve been trying to get my score up to a 34 because I would be eligible to for the Academic Scholar award and could receive more scholarship money,” he said. “My parents actually came into my room late one evening — they had opened the mail and they told me that I scored a 35.”

Adams plans on majoring in Aerospace Engineering at OSU and also wants to receive his Pilots License.

He said has been fascinated by Aviation for as long as he can remember and even flies planes in his free time.

“I’ve always loved flying,” Adams said. “What really kick started my love for flying was going to the Washington Air and Space museum when I was 7 or 8 years old. I’ve been hooked on it ever since.”

Adams is naturally drawn to a challenge, which was a big reason he decided to enroll in the STEM program at EOC Tech.

“I was able to take higher level courses that would help prepare me for college,” Adams said. “I was also able to take more for AP credits and explore more things.”

Adams said he thinks the challenge of STEM has prepared him for college course work.

“The STEM program is not easy,” Adams said. “I’ve always been able to breeze my way through my classes without much challenge at all, but STEM is hard and you also have to learn how to manage your time to get it all done.”

Although Adams loves a challenge, he said EOC Tech just felt like the right place to be.

“We moved up to Choctaw years ago because of EOC Tech,” he said. “This place has always felt like home.”

Outside of the STEM Program, Adams is also a member of the Iguana Council—EOC Tech’s student leadership group, National Technical Honors Society, CHS Student Council, National Honors Society and Oklahoma State Honors Society. He will also be working at Falls Creek, an Oklahoma Baptist Church summer camp in Davis, OK this summer as the Director for the Mathena Event Center (MEC) and will also be in charge of all evening events on the plaza.

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