Students of Eastern Oklahoma County Sponsor Community Service Project.

Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center continues to sponsor a special week of activities called Iguana Week.  Iguana Week not only helps students see the importance of community service, but also supports organizations that directly benefit residents of Oklahoma.  Organizers Mitchell Thomas and Emily Gideon created the event as a way of providing leadership opportunities EOC students. Making a difference is the drive of the event; the theme “i-guana make a difference,” students are learning the impact they can have for their communities.

Student representatives are  selected from each program area to form an Iguana Council to assist in the planing process and members diligently plan events for one weeks activities in April.  Activities have included a student volleyball tournament, car wash, a visit by Big Truck Tacos, and a community family carnival on Friday evening just to name a few.

The Iguana Council has chosen the following organizations as the recipients of the funds raised:

2013 – Ally’s House

2014 – Genesis Project

2015 – Colter’s Toybox

2016 – Anna’s House Foundation

“It’s about setting a good example for students and teaching them about giving back,” says Gideon.  I-guana make a difference, do you?