Uranus reverse Venus could cause changing values onto love and you will dating, in both you or the lover

Uranus reverse Venus could cause changing values onto love and you will dating, in both you or the lover


= Restlessness, breaking totally free, liberation, requirement for new stuff Tough Uranus transits is actually related to seriously trying to the newest enjoy and you will pleasures. Cheating is linked to that transportation due to a restless you prefer for brand new what you should the point of nearly thoughtlessly moving for the new stuff. Uranus try volatile and unstable.

Transit : • Uranus square, reverse, conjunct Venus • Uranus rectangular, contrary, conjunct seventh ruler • inside very first or seventh family • Uranus square, contrary Mars


= Illusions, delusions, cheat, self-undoing, sacrifice, gifts, lies An arduous Neptune transportation is related to cheating. It’s you either who looks like cheat on your mate while the you fulfilled anybody the brand new just who is apparently so primary, however with an arduous Neptune factor you don’t come across some thing demonstrably.

Transit : • Neptune square, opposite, conjunct Venus • Neptune square, reverse, conjunct seventh ruler • in the 7th domestic • Neptune square, reverse Mercury • Neptune rectangular, contrary, conjunct Lilith


= Conversion, breadth, intimacy, a symbol death/resurgence Tough elements off Pluto is linked to separation, however will it show a temporary break up ; symbolic dying resurgence. In the event it results in a permanent breakup, it has been a challenging you to definitely, nonetheless it can get you something new.

Transits : • Pluto rectangular, opposite, conjunct Venus • Pluto square, reverse, conjunct 7th leader • Pluto rectangular, opposite, conjunct ASC

Solar power Get back

• Uranus within the 7th • Uranus rectangular Jupiter • Uranus rectangular, contrary Venus otherwise 7th leader • Uranus rectangular Pluto (Sudden fantastically dull separation) • Saturn in 7th • Saturn rectangular, reverse Venus or seventh ruler • Neptune square, reverse Venus otherwise 7th (Being cheated with the) • Neptune from inside the seventh (Are cheated for the) • Venus square Pluto (Boring separation) • Venus Retrograde (Several lovers you are able to in identical solar seasons) • Venus square Jupiter • Moonlight within the Scorpio (Intense feelings) • Moonlight reverse Saturn (Depression) • Moonlight inside the seventh (fluctuations) • Chiron into the 7th • seventh leader rectangular, reverse Pluto • seventh ruler rectangular, opposite Lilith (Being duped towards the) • 7th leader square, reverse Sun • seventh ruler rectangular, reverse 12th leader (Being cheated into) • seventh ruler in Aquarius • Lilith rectangular, conjunct Neptune (Becoming cheated for the) • Aquarius DSC (Multiple people you are able to inside the same solar seasons)


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